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Wuhan, the origin of the pandemic, will resume classes this Tuesday without a mandatory mask

Almost 1.4 million kindergarten and elementary school students will resume classes this Tuesday, September 1, with new prevention and epidemiological control measures in Wuhan, the source of the global coronavirus pandemic. The main novelty is that the mask will not be mandatory.

The municipal authorities have thus reported the reopening of 2,842 nursery schools and colleges in which the use of a mask will not be mandatory, but they must carry it with them at all times, the deputy director of the Wuhan Department of Education explained at a press conference , Wang Chifu.

Among the measures adopted, training on epidemic prevention has been given to staff, said Li Junlin, a head of the Wuhan center for disease control and prevention. In addition, the centers will be permanently connected to a referral hospital and a “green channel” will be established for urgent attention to students, Li stressed.

The coronavirus epidemic originating in Wuhan has already infected more than 24 million people around the world and the deaths exceed 837,000.

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