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Miley Cyrus wants to resurrect Hannah Montana: “I’m ready

Miley Cyrus became one of the most famous – and controversial – singers of the last decade thanks in part to her success on the Disney Channel Hannah Montana, where she played herself and her singing alter ego. But no matter how much career she has done in music, Cyrus is very clear: “she’s ready” to return to the series.

In a recent interview with the Morning radio show, the actress and singer assured that her wishes are to recover her role as Hannah Montana at some point, as long as the studio has a good idea for a reboot of the character.

“You know that, honestly, I try to wear that wig all the time. It’s stored collecting dust and I’m ready to take it out,” Cyrus explained, alluding to the false hair that his character wore so that it would not be recognized. “The opportunity will present itself. I would definitely like to resurrect it.”

The singer went on to explain that in case Hannah comes back, “she’ll need a makeover, because she’s so stuck in 2008, so we’ll have to go shopping with Miss Montana. But I’d love to do a series again. That’s the future. , and I hope to be directing it “, sentenced.

Released in 2006 on Disney Channel, Hannah Montana featured the actress in the role of Miley Stewart, the pop singer’s alter ego. The series also featured Cyrus’s own father, Billy Ray Cyrus, a veteran country singer.

The series ran for a total of four seasons, with 98 episodes, and a concert film in 2008, as well as a second film released in 2009.

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