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J Balvin reveals that he has coronavirus and warns: “You think it’s not going to touch you and it hit me very hard”

J Balvin recovers from the coronavirus. The Colombian reggaeton singer was one of the winners at the Premios Juventud 2020, a ceremony in which he participated from home for security reasons and won five awards. In his thank you speech, the star revealed that he contracted COVID-19 and is still recovering from the disease that hit him “very hard.”

After receiving the award for the ‘Video with the most powerful message (social message)’ for his song Rojo, the ‘reggaeton’ connected his webcam and confessed to the whole world that COVID-19 has hit him squarely, and is currently trying to recover in isolation, which is not proving easy.

“I feel very grateful. Right now I am barely coming out of COVID-19,” he explained during his speech. “They have been very difficult and complicated days. Sometimes one thinks that it is not going to touch him, but it touched me. And it touched me very hard.”


“I send a message to all those who follow me and to all the youth,” continues the singer. “That they take care, that they do not think that this is a joke. The virus as such does exist, and it is very dangerous,” said Balvin, alluding to the many conspiracy theories that ensure that COVID-19 does not exist and is manipulation of governments.

Young people are currently the most affected by the coronavirus due to the number of infections. Isolated in his home in Medellín after testing positive for COVID, J Balvin is doing everything possible not only to overcome the virus but also to prevent others from going through the same situation. And the fans, quickly, have shown their unconditional support in the networks.

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