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Trump is against funding the US Postal Service and rejects voting by mail again

The US President, Donald Trump, has shown this Thursday against funding the United States Postal Service for fear that it will be used to implement voting by mail in the presidential elections scheduled for November.

However, by linking the Postal Service to voting by mail, Trump has sparked a new wave of criticism against him for allegedly trying to manipulate the service to win the election.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused an increase in voting by postal mail around the world, although the president of the North American country has tried to restrict this form of voting because, in his opinion, that would harm him and the Republican Party.

During an interview with the Fox News network, Trump has indicated that if the Postal Service does not receive the 25,000 million dollars (about 21,180 million euros) of financing that the Democrats have requested, the postal service will not be able to take over the postal vote. in the presidential elections.

“They want the money for something that will become fraudulent. It is basically more money for the elections. They want it to invest it in votes by mail. (…) Now they need that money to get millions of ballots,” Trump lamented.

The president has been criticizing postal voting for months and has even warned that it would cause third countries to interfere in the elections and cast “millions of false ballots.”

The Democratic Party has argued that voting by mail does not have to lead to electoral fraud and has insisted that there is little indication that this has occurred in the past.

However, Republicans consider that this type of vote has never been carried out on a large scale and have clarified that there is a big difference between requesting the vote and sending the vote by mail to all registered voters.

The attorney general, William Barr, has indicated that there is no evidence that third countries can interfere and change the course of the presidential elections through false votes, but has affirmed that this risk may exist.

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