The coronavirus pandemic adds 228,700 new cases and exceeds 654,000 killed

It accumulates more than 16.48 million infected, with the US adding 56,300 new cases and India more than 44,000

The pandemic of the new coronavirus originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan has recorded 228,700 new cases in the last 24 hours, raising the balance to more than 16.48 million people infected and more than 654,000 fatalities, according to the global balance published on Tuesday at 9.30 a.m. by Johns Hopkins University.

The United States exceeds 4.29 million cases with 148,056 deaths, after adding 56,300 new positives in the last 24 hours. Brazil — with 2.44 million positives and 87,618 deaths, including 23,300 new cases since the previous balance — is instead listed as the country with the most recovered patients, with 1.84 million people saved.

India, for its part, accounts for 1.48 million contagions with 33,408 deaths, after registering 44,500 positives in the last 24 hours. Russia then accumulates 816,680 contagions and 13,334 deaths.


Fifth is South Africa with 452,529 positives and 7,067 killed, followed by Mexico, which accumulates 395,489 contagions and 44,022 deaths, and Peru, with 389,717 positives and 18,418 deaths, after adding more than 13,000 positives in the last 24 hours.

Chile, meanwhile, accounts for 347,923 infected people and 9,187 dead, while the UK has 301,708 people with coronaviruses and 45,844 fatalities.

Iran then accumulates 293,606 positives and 15,912 deaths, ahead of Pakistan, with 275,225 people infected and 5,865 killed, and from Spain, with 272,421 infected and 28,432 deaths.

Saudi Arabia accounts for a total of 268,934 people infected and 2,760 killed, followed by Colombia (257,101 cases and 8,777 deaths), Italy (246,286 positive and 35,112 deaths), Turkey (227,019 contagions and 5,630 deceased Bangladesh (226,225 cases and 2,965 deaths), France (220,352 positive and 30,212 deaths) and Germany (207,382 positive and 9,127 dead) close the list of countries that exceed the 200,000 confirmed cases threshold.


Below the threshold of 200,000 cases are Argentina (167,416), Canada (116,471), Iraq (112,585), Qatar (109,507) and Indonesia (100,303), which exceed 100,000 COVID-19 patients.

Egypt (92,482 cases) ranks ahead of China, the country where the pandemic originated and which accumulates 86,783 positives. Next are Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Philippines, Sweden, Oman, Bolivia, Belarus, Ukraine, Belgium, Kuwait, Israel, Dominican Republic, Panama, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Singapore and Portugal, which have exceeded 50,000 cases. They have more than 40,000 Guatemala, Romania, Poland and Nigeria.

Bahrain, Afghanistan, Switzerland, Kyrgyzstan, Ghana, Japan and Azerbaijan have already recorded more than 30,000 positives, while Ireland, Algeria, Serbia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Austria and Morocco have already recorded more than 20,000 positives.

Nepal, Kenya, Cameroon, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, Czech Republic, Australia, El Salvador, South Korea, Ethiopia, Denmark, Sudan, Palestinian Territories, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern Macedonia have recorded more than 10,000 positives.



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