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Trump acknowledges that he “often” regrets the messages he shares on Twitter

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has acknowledged that he “often” regrets the messages he shares on the social network Twitter, which he uses prolifically, and has admitted that his activity in it sometimes brings him “problems “

This was expressed in an interview with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, who asked him if, ever after sharing a message on Twitter, “I wish I hadn’t sent it.”

“Often, very often,” Trump has responded. “In the old days before this, you would write a letter (…) You put it on your table and then you come back and say ‘I’m glad I didn’t send it’. But we don’t do that with Twitter (…) We publish it instantly , we feel great and then you start receiving phone calls, “he continued in the interview, collected by Fox News.

Portnoy has insisted and asked the US president about the ‘retweets’ he makes on the platform, specifying that he shares messages that he “doesn’t even” watch. “You just press (the button) for ‘retuit’ and shoot,” he said.

“Sometimes you see something that seems good and you don’t investigate it (…) it is a miniature (…) I have discovered that it is almost always the ‘retweets’ that put you in trouble,” Trump said.

The US president has also said he “loves” using Twitter, “too often”, to promote his position on what he has called “fake news.”

The way Trump communicates on Twitter, directly with users and without going through intermediaries, is a novelty in the way in which political leaders interact with citizens. The president often reports on aspects of his management through the social network, makes far-reaching announcements and criticizes his political opponents harshly.

There are almost no topics that Trump does not enter through Twitter. In fact, the United States Attorney General, William Barr, once asked him to stop tweeting about open cases and investigations, because this makes it “impossible” for him to do his job.

In recent weeks, Twitter has taken a series of steps against Trump’s account and included a fact check in two of his messages that claimed that voting by mail ballots would lead to fraud, considering them misleading. On another occasion, the social network deleted a video disclosed by its campaign due to a copyright problem.

Following this, the president signed an executive order directed at social media companies that, as he explained, aims to “defend freedom of expression from one of the greatest dangers the United States has ever faced.”

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