Trump insists Portland and Seattle protesters are “anarchists and agitators”

U.S. President Donald Trump has insisted Monday that protesters against racism and police brutality in the cities of Portland and Seattle are “anarchists and agitators.”

In a message posted on the social network Twitter, Trump has criticized that “the fake news media” attempts to portray people taking to the streets in these American locations as “wonderful, sweet and innocent people who go out just for a short walk.”

“In reality, they are sick and deranged anarchists and agitators that our great men and women of law enforcement easily control,” he said.

Thus, he has taken the opportunity to criticize former US President Joe Biden, his presumably future opponent in the country’s presidential election, scheduled for November 3.

“They would destroy our American cities, and worse, if Joe Biden, the puppet on the left, ever won,” he has continued. “Markets would collapse and cities would burn,” he insisted, while saying that in such a case, the United States would “suffer like never before.” “Soon we will defeat the virus and go to the Golden Age, better than ever!” he has concluded.

The White House has already warned Sunday that it plans to harden the response of federal officials to the last-day protests in the city of Portland, as they threaten to spread to other cities.

The acting head of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, defended this response, called illegal by the Democratic opposition and by civil rights organizations, given the virulence of the demonstrations.

Portland has become one of the last major focuses of the demonstrations these weeks against police brutality. Hundreds of black demonstrators have clashed with the police, which in turn has called protests a “riot” repeated in nearby towns.

George Floyd’s death after nearly nine minutes of his neck imprisoned by police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee sparked protests and riots in major U.S. cities, in a movement that has grown and expanded around the world against racism.


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