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Peking-like protesters demand the closure of the US consulate in Hong Kong)

A group of protesters related to Beijing has gathered this Saturday at the United States Consulate in Hong Kong to demand the closure of the diplomatic mission in the midst of a diplomatic crisis between the consular missions of both countries.

The protest comes after China ordered the United States to close its General Consul in Chengdu, in southwest Sichuan province, in response to Washington’s closure of its mission in Houston, Texas.

The United States ordered the consulate closed, arguing that there is an “imbalance” in bilateral relations and justifying that the measure is to protect “the intellectual property” and “private information” of the country.

In response, members of the Hong Kong Defenders group carried out their private protest on Saturday in front of the Chinese territory consulate, in which they threw eggs at photographs of President Donald Trump and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, while describing them as ” sinners “and” demons “.

The group accused the United States of imposing unfair tariffs and sanctions on China and maliciously accusing the country of spreading the coronavirus to hide that the United States has been unable to contain the disease.

“Just because the Chinese are friendly does not mean they should be intimidated,” they said in a statement picked up by Hong Kong-based RTHK, in which the group’s founder, Johnson Hung, has accused Washington of orchestrating the wave of protests generated last year against laws imposed from Beijing.

“They are the coach, they teach all those rebels in Hong Kong to go against the Chinese government, to destroy Hong Kong, to create the problems that the Hong Kong people and the Chinese government are going through. It is an open secret If they are still here, it is to create more problems, “he said.

China and the United States have spent years in an escalation of tension that ranges from the trade war to the restrictions on journalists and the media, although in recent months it has exploded on account of the coronavirus pandemic, for which Washington directly blames Beijing.

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