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Trump’s family tries to stop publication of the president’s niece’s book

The younger brother of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has filed a complaint to try to prevent the publication of the book by their niece, Mary L. Trump, alleging that she was skipping a confidentiality agreement linked to the disputes opened by the inheritance from his grandfather.

Robert S. Trump, brother of the current White House tenant, is listed as a plaintiff in this case, which points to both his niece and the publisher responsible for the publication, Simon & Schuster, as reported by CNN television.

The niece’s attorney, Ted Boutrous, has assured that the president’s family wants “to suppress a book that will deal with matters of the utmost public importance,” with the aim that “the American people do not know the truth.” Boutrous hopes that Justice will reject “this blatant effort to suppress speeches in violation of the First Amendment.”

According to the editorial, the book contains a “revealing and authoritative portrait” of the president and his “toxic family.” Its dissemination will coincide with the controversy opened by the book written by former National Security Adviser John Bolton, whose publication unsuccessfully tried to block the US government.

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