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Biden asks Trump to speed up tests after President joked to slow them down

The virtual candidate of the Democratic Party to the White House, Joe Biden, has asked the President of the United States to accelerate the pace of tests to improve the response against the coronavirus pandemic after the president recommended last night to reduce the number of tests to lower the cases, statements that administration sources have described as a joke by the president.

“Speed ​​up the tests,” Biden has recommended in a brief message posted on his official Twitter account in response to Trump’s comments made during his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“We all know that this testing is a double-edged sword. And here comes the bad part: when you do so many tests, you are going to find more cases. So I said to my people: ‘Go slower with the tests, for Please, ‘”Trump declared.

Shortly after the rally, Administration sources explained to CNN that the President of the United States was “obviously kidding” when he made these comments.

The United States, epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, has already registered more than 2.25 million cases and almost 120,000 fatalities, while the number of daily infections has touched new highs in recent hours with more than 32,000 cases.

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