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Trump assures that Biden “would abolish the Police” if he wins the presidential elections

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has assured that the virtual Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, “would abolish the Police” if he wins the elections in next November.

“He is not going to be managing anything,” Trump said, in an interview with the conservative Fox television network on Wednesday. “The people around you will be abolishing the Police and the Second Amendment very quickly. You will not have the Second Amendment and many other things that you will not have and that you would like to have,” he assured.

Trump’s message comes at a time when the country is still marked by protests against racism and police violence over the death of black citizen George Floyd, who died at the hands of the police on May 25 in Minneapolis. .

Trump has referred to the occupation of the Seattle State Parliament by protesters and has said that this action is “a disgrace” and has suggested an intervention by the federal government to regain control of the institution. “We will go there if they want and we will get it back very quickly,” he said. “It should never have been allowed to fester as it has festered now,” he stressed. “It is scandoloso for our country,” he denounced.

The President of the United States has criticized the Governor of the State of Washington, Jay Inslee, and the Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, whom he has branded as “weak” and has accused them of “creating a precedent that has never been created before. in this country”.

“These people who are occupying this incredible property are obviously very good with real estate,” he has argued, referring to the protesters. “Perhaps they are better than I was because they pay nothing. They just occupy it and the police have somehow been told not to be there,” he said.

Trump has also reacted to charges brought against former Atlanta Police Officer Garret Rolfe for killing black citizen Rayshard Brooks last week and has said he expects him to be “fairly treated” because he believes “Police have not been right. treated “in the United States.

“I thought it was a terrible situation, but you can’t resist a police officer,” he said, referring to the altercation that preceded the death of the African-American citizen. “You know, if you have a disagreement, you have to address it after the fact. It was very, very sad. Look, if you really look at it, it was out of control. The whole situation was out of control,” he explained.

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