Bolton maintains that Trump is not “fit” to be President of the United States

Former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton has assured that he does not believe that President Donald Trump is “fit” to occupy the Oval Office, in one of his most frontal criticisms of the president and that it comes in full promotion of the book in which he reviews the shadows of his 17 months as an advisor.

“I don’t think he is fit for the job. I don’t think he has the ability to do this job,” Bolton said, in advance of an interview with ABC News in which he stated that Trump lacks any kind of ‘ road map ‘to defend the interests of the country.

According to Bolton, he is only concerned “with what is good for Trump’s re-election,” which makes any kind of long-term approach “out of the question.” In this sense, he assured that the president is very interested in the reaction that the press may have and in symbolic scenes such as the meeting organized with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, on the border between the two Koreas.

Bolton has been the longest serving National Security adviser with Trump, but in September 2019 he left office – resigned or was dismissed, depending on who tells the story – due to his increasingly evident differences with the President.

“He is a liar,” Trump has declared in ‘The Wall Street Journal’, already with all the media, echoing the series of criticisms that Bolton chains in his book and in which he assures, among other things, that the president He asked his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, for help in winning the elections and was planning to invade Venezuela.

Trump has also said in statements to Fox News that Bolton “has broken the law” by making extracts of his book public before its official publication. The Government has filed a complaint to try to prevent its dissemination, arguing that the former adviser breaches confidentiality agreements and jeopardizes national security.


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