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US protesters demolish statues of Christopher Columbus and Confederate leaders in various cities

Groups of anti-racist protesters have toppled and damaged several statues of Christopher Columbus and Confederate leaders in several cities in the United States in the context of increased pressure for the removal of monuments related to slavery and colonialism.

In the city of Richmond, Virginia, protesters have demolished a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis just a day after a monument to Christopher Columbus was shot down, burned down and thrown into a local lake.

Throughout this last day, several statues of the explorer have been vandalized and destroyed in the cities of Boston and Miami, among others, following the death of the African American George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police, according to information from the chain CNN.

In Boston, specifically, a statue of Columbus – a controversial figure in the United States, especially among Native Americans – has been decapitated.

The monuments of relevant Confederate figures, who fought during the Civil War between 1861 and 1865 in favor of maintaining slavery, are among the main statues attacked by protesters.

During the recent recorded unrest, a large number of these statues, many of them located on Richmond Monument Avenue, have been damaged and marked with graffiti, including that of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

The governor of the US state of Virginia, Ralph Northam, indicated last week that he has asked the Department of General Services to remove “as soon as possible” one of the statues of the aforementioned general.

The statues of generals and soldiers on the Confederate side have been the subject of intense debate at the national level in recent years. While detractors claim to honor those who supported slavery, many others, including historians, consider that they should not be withdrawn because they allow “learning from the past.”

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