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Maduro proposes to ALBA to develop its own coronavirus vaccine

The President of Venezuela has proposed to the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) to develop their own coronavirus vaccine to guarantee that the region will have one.

“A proposal that I consider essential, vital, and I put it on the table for immediate implementation by our health governing bodies is (developing) the ALBA coronavirus vaccine,” he said Wednesday during a virtual summit of the regional bloc. .

Maduro advocated making ALBA a “priority” for the development of the vaccine, as well as tests and treatments, “in alliance with the World Health Organization (WHO), China and Russia” to “go one step, two steps, three steps ahead on this issue. “

“So that, once the safety of the coronavirus vaccine is guaranteed, we can have immediate access to it and we can distribute millions of vaccines to all the peoples of ALBA,” he said.

Maduro quickly received the support of his Nicaraguan counterpart, Daniel Ortega. “We are going to search for the vaccine,” said the ‘Sandinista’ leader on his turn to speak, according to the official press.

Both also highlighted the response that the ALBA countries have given against that of the United States and its allies in the region. Maduro mentioned the case of Santa Lucía. “In Saint Lucia they have not been able to pay public sector salaries. If they continued in ALBA that would not have happened because we were not going to leave them alone. But (US President Donald) Trump pushed the Prime Minister to leave and did not guarantee his support to face the pandemic, “he said.

The coronavirus also served Maduro to charge against the Organization of American States (OAS) and its secretary general, Luis Almagro, one of the main critics of ‘Chavismo’ on the continent. “In this pandemic, the name of Luis Almagro was erased from the map. The OAS is useless. Trash goes to the trash,” he snapped.

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