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One hundred social leaders have been assassinated in Colombia so far this year

Jorge Enrique Oroma, a social leader from Cali (west), was assassinated in a rural area on Sunday, bringing the number of social leaders killed in Colombia so far this year, according to the Institute of Studies for the Development and Peace (Indepaz).

Oroma, 70 years old and dedicated to the fight against illegal mining in the Farallones de Cali, was attacked by a gunman who shot him dead when he was on his farm in the village of La Candelaria, according to Blu Radio.

“With Jorge Enrique Oramas, environmental leader, 100 leaders / defenders of Human Rights have been assassinated so far in 2020, 25 since the beginning of the quarantine” by the coronavirus, Indepaz has indicated.

The organization has also counted 25 former FARC guerrillas killed this year, the last of which was Wilder Daniel Marin Alarcón, in a crime that occurred on May 7 in Bello, Antioquia (northwest).

Since the signing of the peace agreement with the FARC in 2016, Colombia has suffered a wave of violence that has been fueled by activists and former insurgents and is mainly due to the fight between rival groups to seize the territories and businesses of the extinct guerrilla.

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