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The coronavirus pandemic leaves 4.2 million cases and more than 291,000 deaths worldwide

Russia has accumulated more than 100,000 cases in ten days and the US is growing again with more than 20,000 positives in the last day

The pandemic of the new coronavirus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan already exceeds 291,000 fatalities and leaves more than 4.2 million people infected worldwide, according to the latest balance from Johns Hopkins University.

According to data updated at 8:30 am this Wednesday, the global balance of the coronavirus amounts to 4,262,799 cases and 291,981 fatalities in 187 countries and territories. The total number of people recovered rises to 1.49 million people, with the United States at the top of the table, with 230,287 people cured, followed by Germany, with 147,200 patients saved, and Spain, with 138,980.

After two days in which it had added less than 20,000 cases per day, the United States grew again above the 20,000 daily positives, with a total of 21,700 people infected in the last hours. The American giant accumulates 1.39 million cases and 82,387 fatalities, with more than 9.6 million tests carried out to detect the virus.

After overtaking Spain, Russia remains the second most affected country in the world by number of cases, with 232,243 people infected and 2,116 deaths from the COVID-19 disease, the lowest number of fatalities of all the countries that accumulate more than 100,000 infections. Russia has been running for ten days adding more than 10,000 infections per day, accumulating therefore more than 100,000 positives in that period.

Waiting for the Ministry of Health to update the balance with the data of this Wednesday, Spain remains the third country most affected by the pandemic with 228,030 infected people and 26,920 deaths.

After Spain is the United Kingdom, with 227,741 infected people and 32,769 deaths. Italy remains in fifth position with 221,216 cases and 30,911 deaths.

For its part, France accumulates 178,349 positives and 26,994 fatalities, ahead of Brazil, which has just overtaken Germany and is less than 200 infections from those registered in French territory, with a total of 178,214 cases and 12,461 deaths.

In eighth place, Germany accumulates 173,171 positives and 7,738 fatalities, followed by Turkey, which has 141,475 people with coronaviruses and 3,894 fatalities. Next, Iran counts 110,767 positives and 6,733 deceased.

China, the country in which the pandemic originated, remains in eleventh position, with 84,018 cases and 4,637 deaths. It is followed by India, which has just overtaken Canada with 74,480 people with coronavirus and which accounts for 2,415 deaths from COVID-19. Canada is left with 72,419 positives and 5,300 deaths, less than 400 cases in Peru, which already has 72,059 infected and 2,057 fatalities.

Belgium, for its part, exceeds 50,000 positives, with 53,779 cases and 8,761 deaths.

The Netherlands and Saudi Arabia are above 40,000 infections, while Mexico, Pakistan, Chile, Ecuador and Switzerland exceed 30,000 cases. Portugal, Sweden, Qatar, Belarus, Singapore and Ireland already number more than 20,000.

The United Arab Emirates, Poland, Bangladesh, Israel, Ukraine, Japan, Austria, Romania, Indonesia, Colombia, the Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, the Dominican Republic, Denmark, Kuwait, Serbia and Egypt exceed 10,000 infections.

Panama, the Czech Republic and Norway are above the 8,000 positive threshold, while Australia, Malaysia, Argentina, Morocco, Algeria and Finland exceed 6,000 infections. With more than 5,000 cases, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ghana exceed 5,000 positives.

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