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The coronavirus already leaves more than 3.2 million infections and 233,000 deaths worldwide

The United States, with almost 30,000 daily positives, accumulates a third of the total

More than 3.2 million people worldwide have been infected with the new coronavirus, a pandemic that already accumulates more than 233,000 deaths and has its main epicenter in the United States, with a daily rate of growth of cases of around 30,000 .

According to the balance of Johns Hopkins University, the United States continues its growth rate and is close to 1.07 million positives, while the death toll exceeds 63,000. More than 18,000 fatalities have been reported in New York City alone.

Thus, the United States is by far the most affected country of the 187 in which cases of COVID-19 have already been detected, the virus-associated disease that originated in 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Spain is in second place, with more than 213,000 infections and about 24,500 deaths, ahead of Italy – 205,000 infected and 28,000 dead.

The United Kingdom, which dramatically increased its death toll this week after including those who lost their lives outside of hospitals, has so far registered some 26,800 deaths, while the number of positives is around 172,000.

The United Kingdom has overtaken France, where some 167,000 cases and 24,400 deaths have been confirmed, and Germany, which already has 163,000 positives and 6,600 deaths, according to this balance. Turkey, with 120,000 infected and almost 3,200 fatalities, follows, followed by Russia – 106,000 positives and almost 1,100 deaths.

Iran, the most affected country in the Middle East, is close to 95,000 infected and already exceeds the threshold of 6,000 deaths, while Brazil stands out in Latin America with almost 87,200 infected and 6,000 fatalities.

China, origin of the disease, appears in this list in the eleventh position, for its 84,000 infected and 4,600 deaths, already with the spread of the virus very contained in the Asian giant.

Canada, for its part, overcomes the barrier of 50,000 infections – more than 54,000 infected and 3,300 deaths -, while Belgium approaches this barrier after accumulating some 48,500 positives and more than 7,500 deaths. The Netherlands is close to 40,000 cases, which is immediately ahead of Peru and India.

Switzerland, Portugal, Ecuador, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Ireland have exceeded 20,000 infected, a barrier that Mexico is approaching. For its part, Pakistan, Singapore, Chile, Israel, Austria, Japan, Belarus, Qatar, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, Romania, South Korea, Ukraine and Indonesia have more than 10,000 infected each.

Denmark, Serbia, the Philippines, Norway, the Czech Republic, Bangladesh, the Dominican Republic, Australia, Panama, Colombia, Malaysia, South Africa and Egypt are listed below in the balance sheet prepared by Johns Hopkins University, all of them with more than 5,000 cases of COVID- 19.

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