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Trump’s signature will appear on aid checks for the coronavirus

The signature of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, will appear on checks of up to $ 1,200 that low-income households will receive in the coming weeks to alleviate the possible economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, an unprecedented gesture that the president himself recently denied.

Sources from the Treasury Department quoted by various media have confirmed that the front of these checks will appear: “President Donald J. Trump”. According to The Washington Post, which announced the news, this unexpected impression will delay aid delivery for several days.

As a general rule, the signature of a public official, but not the president, would be printed on this type of document, which is why several Democratic congressmen have already accused Trump of trying to obtain electoral revenue from an aid that was initially approved by Congress.

The president assured in a press conference on April 3 that he did not want his name to appear in the aid. “Do I want to sign them? No,” he said then in relation to the distribution of almost 300 million dollars, which nevertheless did not hesitate to describe it as “an initiative of the Trump Administration,” says Bloomberg.

The president has used the good economic data as one of his main guarantees to repeat at the White House, but in recent weeks he has encountered an unexpected crisis derived from the coronavirus pandemic. Some 16 million people have been unemployed in recent weeks.

At the medical level, the United States has become the global epicenter of the outbreak with the highest numbers of both infected (about 610,000) and deaths (26,000), according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

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