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Trump calls criticism that he acted late against the coronavirus “false news”

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has come to the forefront this Sunday of the new criticisms that have been launched at him about the late response that he would have taken to slow the advance of the Covid-19 and has called all the “false news” these assertions, after the country has become the first in number of cases, 557,571, and deaths, 22,108, confirmed.

The White House tenant has responded to rival media, journalists and politicians, whom he has accused of being “corrupt” and “pathetic” by inventing, he said, false news with which to attack him.

Trump has asked through his Twitter account how it is possible that the “Fake News Opposition Party”, by the newspaper ‘The New York Times’, press “with all its forces” accusing him of having ignored the warnings about the Covid-19 threat when he was criticized “brutally” by the media when he declared a ban on travel to China at the beginning of the crisis.

“Corrupt media!” Wrote Trump, who asked himself in another comment on the same social network “why” the media are behaving, in his opinion, dishonestly and pathetically.

“I am working hard to expose corruption and dishonesty in the pathetic media. That part is easy, the difficult part is Why?”

Some media, such as ‘The New York Times’ or ‘Washington Post’, have published information about how some of President Trump’s top advisers would have warned him in late January about the risks the country was facing in the face of the arrival of the Covid-19.

Trump, who has been criticized by these same newspapers and other media for having minimized the magnitude of the pandemic, has assured that this “story of ‘The Nre York Times’ is false” and has reiterated that he was singled out “for advancing too quickly “by issuing the air traffic ban with China,” long before most of the others wanted to. “

The president of the United States, who at first even praised the Chinese government’s efforts to contain the advance of the pandemic, last week accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of being at the service of Beijing and even went so far as to threaten to cut funding for this United Nations office.

The United States has already become the world’s leading focus of coronavirus from deaths and cases, with 557,571 affected and 22,108 deceased, according to the updated balance of this Monday from Johns Hopkins University.

The United States still has about a week to go, at least, on its way to the peak of the curve, while New York remains the epicenter of the disease, with 9,385 deaths and cases of around 160,000.

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