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The Pope attacks the “selfishness and division” caused by the virus and calls for “innovative solutions”

He regrets that it is “an Easter of solitude”, lived “in the midst of mourning and difficulties”, and asks for “strength and hope” to doctors and nurses

The Pope has lashed out at “selfishness”, “indifference” and “division” in the face of a world “overwhelmed by the pandemic” caused by the Covid-19, while calling on Europe to put aside “rivalries” “and find” innovative solutions “.

“Today, the European Union is facing a historic challenge, on which its future, but that of the entire world, will depend. Let it not miss the opportunity to demonstrate, once again, solidarity, even resorting to innovative solutions”, The pontiff has pointed out after the ‘Urbi et Orbi’ blessing, to the city and to the world, which he has given this Easter Sunday.

Furthermore, it has urged EU member countries to “urgently” abandon the “rivalries” that confronted them in World War II and to recognize themselves as members of a “family”. “It is the only alternative to the selfishness of private interests and the temptation to return to the past, at the risk of putting to the test the peaceful coexistence and development of the next generations,” he added.

The Pope has made these reflections from the center of St. Peter’s Basilica, which has remained empty due to restrictions due to the emergence of the coronavirus. The Urbi et Orbi blessing has also enabled the more than 1,300 million Catholics to obtain a plenary indulgence, that is, the forgiveness of their sins, at such a difficult time, with confinement measures that affect more than 3,000 million people.

In his address, the pontiff recalled those who have been directly affected by the coronavirus: “the sick, those who have died and families who mourn over the death of their loved ones, and who in some cases have not even been able to give them the last goodbye to those who are still going through the ordeal, especially the elderly and people who are alone, “as well as those who are in vulnerable conditions, as well as those who work in health centers, or live in barracks and the prisions.

In this way, he has asked doctors and nurses for “strength and hope”, who everywhere offer a “testimony of care and love of neighbor until the exhaustion of their strength and, not infrequently, until the sacrifice of their own Health”.

“For many it is an Easter of solitude, lived in the midst of the many mourning and difficulties that the pandemic is causing, from physical suffering to economic problems,” the Holy Father has confirmed.

That is why it has urged politicians to work “actively” for the common good of citizens, providing the means and instruments necessary to allow everyone “to have a dignified life and to favor, when circumstances allow, the resumption of usual everyday activities. ” “This is not the time for indifference, because the whole world is suffering and has to be united to face the pandemic,” the Pope has summarized.

On the other hand, he called for the international sanctions of the affected countries to be “relaxed”, which prevent them from offering adequate assistance to the citizens themselves, and the great needs of the moment to be faced by all the countries, “reducing, or even forgiving, the debt that weighs on the budgets of the poorest”. “May the risen Jesus grant hope to all the poor, to those who live in the peripheries, to the fugitives and to those who do not have a home,” he considered.

Francis has taken advantage of the apostolic blessing to ask for peace in the world: “May Christ, our peace, enlighten those who have responsibilities in conflicts, so that they may have the courage to adhere to the call for a global and immediate ceasefire in all corners of the world. “

Thus he has stated that it is not “the time to continue making and selling weapons, spending large sums of money that could be used to care for people and save lives.” And then he has listed the open conflicts in the world to call for an end starting with “the long war that has bloodied Syria”, the conflict in “Yemen” and the tensions in “Iraq”, as well as in “Lebanon”.

“May this be the time when the Israelis and the Palestinians resume dialogue, and that they find a stable and lasting solution that will allow them both to live in peace. Let the suffering of the people living in the eastern regions of Ukraine end. “he has asserted.

The Pope has also called for an end to the “terrorist attacks” perpetrated against so many innocent people in various African countries. Thus, he has demanded that “other emergency situations” not be forgotten, which carry with them the suffering of many people in Asia and Africa who are experiencing serious “humanitarian crises”, such as in “the Cabo Delgado Region, in northern Mozambique.”

And he added: “May it comfort the hearts of so many refugees and displaced people due to wars, droughts and famines. May it protect the many migrants and refugees – many of them children – living in unbearable conditions, especially in Libya and on the border between Greece and Turkey, and I do not want to forget the island of Lesbos, which will make it possible to achieve practical and immediate solutions in Venezuela, aimed at facilitating international aid to the population suffering from the serious political, socioeconomic and sanitary “.

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