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Maduro rejects the US threats and reminds him that “he has the greatest humanitarian crisis on the planet”

The undersecretary of state for the Western Hemisphere has affirmed that there will be a transition in Venezuela, whether Maduro wants it or not.

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has responded to the United States special envoy for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, whom he summoned to keep his threats “in the mouth.” He also reminded him that “the United States has the greatest humanitarian crisis on the entire planet.”

“Take two down on your threats … The world does not move by threats. We are a political force that expresses a political project, that expresses the dignity and sovereignty of a people. We are a force. If not, we would not be where we are, “Maduro said in telephone statements to Venezolana de Televisión. “Let Abrams’ threats remain in his mouth,” he added.

In addition, according to Maduro Abrams, he has no influence on the Donald Trump government, so he is only dedicated, he said, to “annoying” Venezuela. Instead, he has urged him to “do something for his country” in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

“If you could do something, do something for the United States that has the greatest humanitarian crisis on the entire planet (…) That Trump and Abrams care more about the United States than about Venezuela. Venezuela will be at peace whatever they say and do what they do, “he pointed out.

Abrams has warned Maduro that if he does not accept a “transition” agreed with the opposition, it will still occur, but it will be more “dangerous” and “abrupt”. “If the regime tragically decides that it is going to subjugate, that it is going to repress more, it is probably making the transition just as likely, but more dangerous and abrupt,” Abrams said in an interview with the study group Centro de Estudios Estratégicos e Internationals.

Thus Abrams was referring to the latest political proposal by the United States to establish an emergency government in Venezuela that leaves out both Nicolás Maduro and the self-proclaimed “president in charge” and opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

If the initiative does not go ahead, “you will see more pressure from the United States and I think others about this regime.” “It is possible to put more pressure on a regime and at the same time provide more assistance to the Venezuelan people. And that is what we want to do. It is also what Juan Guaidó wants to do. It is what the European Union wants to do,” he said.

In addition, Abrams stressed that Washington knew that Maudro would reject the proposal and argued that it was not really directed at him, but at other positions in the regime and members of the Armed Forces. Maduro “It is the hole in the donut. It is aimed, as I have said before, at Chavismo, at the army, at the regime, at the government, at the people who decide: This country needs to get out of this horrible crisis,” he defended.

In any case, the plan of the US State Department is not absolute, but is a proposal and can be adjusted to the political needs of the country and has pointed to the possibility that the State Council that would govern the transition include the president of the Court Supreme, Maikel Moreno; the head of the Army, Vladimir Padrino López, or the president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó.

“There are a million variations (…) Venezuelans could say, well, we want to change this because we think it works best for us in our negotiation. Okay. I mean, the point here is not that if you change a word in the US proposal is a catastrophe. The point is that this is a path to democracy and the lifting of US sanctions, “he said.

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