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Trump does not set a date for the end of measures against Covid-19 and criticizes the WHO again

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, did not want to venture this Wednesday, launching a date in which the American society can return to normality, after the passage of the coronavirus pandemic through the country, and has again criticized the Organization World Health Organization (WHO), insisting on the supposed “relationship” it has with China.

“I can’t believe I’m talking about politics when you look at the relationship they have with China,” Trump said in reference to the words of WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who asked not to seek “political benefits” using the pandemic. thus responding to the attacks of the magnate, who a day earlier assured that he would review the financing that the United States grants to the agency.

“China spends 42 million, we spend 450 and everything seems to be as China says. That is not right, it is not fair to us and, honestly, it is not fair to the world,” Trump continued during the briefing held on Wednesday in the White House.

Criticism of the agency has not ended there, as Trump has hinted that the number of deaths could have been lower if the WHO had correctly analyzed the situation.

“I think when he talks about more body bags, I think we would have done and he would have been serving the people he is supposed to serve much better if they had given a correct analysis,” he suggested.

Regarding when the US economy could start again, Trump has assured that he prefers not to set dates, although he wishes, he said, that this occurs as soon as possible.

“I do not like to give dates,” said President Trump, who before having to extend the distancing measures and the closure of establishments and public services until April 30, the Easter holiday was set as the deadline.

However, during his speech on Wednesday, the head of the White House has pointed out this time that this decision will depend “to a large extent” on the country’s health authorities.

Among them is Dr. Deborah Birx, who explained after the Trump intervention that the projections they had about the number of deaths in the United States due to Covid-19 have decreased “drastically” largely thanks to the fact that the population, He has said that he is complying with the social distancing measures that have been decreed.

“What has been so remarkable, I think, for those of us who have been in the field of science for so long, is how important behavior change is and how amazing Americans are to adapt and follow through on these guidelines. “Birx praised.

For his part, Trump, who has also applauded “the courage” of the American people, has thanked during his speech those workers, who continue to exercise their functions during the health crisis that the United States is experiencing, in which more than 14,000 have already died. persons.

Regarding medical supplies, Trump has noted that currently, more than 8,000 ventilators have been shipped, while another 10,000 “are ready to use” and “2,200 more will be available on Monday.”

Likewise, the Trump Administration, has continued, “is working without delay to put new therapies and treatments into practice”, as demonstrated, he explained, that they already have ten drugs for clinical trials.

The United States is one of the countries most affected by Covid-19, which emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan four months ago. So far, 430,376 infections and 14,739 deaths have been recorded, with New York State being the epicenter of the pandemic, with 81,803 positive cases and 4,571 deaths.

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