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The coronavirus pandemic borders on 1.5 million cases and already leaves more than 88,500 dead

The United States remains the most affected country in the world, with more than 430,000 confirmed cases

The coronavirus pandemic that affects 184 countries is already close to 1.5 million confirmed cases, among which there are more than 88,500 deaths, but also about 330,000 people recovered, according to the balance provided this Thursday by Johns Hopkins University .

Specifically, the global calculation shows 1,484,811 confirmed cases, with the United States being the most affected country, with 432,132; 88,538 fatalities, most of which are concentrated in Italy, with 17,669; and 329,876 recovered patients, the majority in China, with 77,639.

One more day, the United States continues in the first position of the world ranking. In the last day it has suffered a strong rebound, both in the number of cases, totaling more than 30,000, and deaths, with nearly 2,000 more, which brings its balance to the 432,132 cases cited and 14,187 deaths. New York remains the epicenter of the pandemic in the country, with more than 150,000 cases and more than 6,000 deaths.

The second position is again for Spain, which has 146,690 confirmed cases –6,180 more than the previous day -, including 14,555 deaths (757 more) and 48,021 cured (4,813 more), according to the figures offered on Wednesday by government.

Italy completes the podium with nearly 140,000 cases and some 17,700 deaths, representing 542 more than the previous day, confirming the downward trend in recent days. In addition, it has registered a record number of 2,009 patients cured in one day, bringing the total to 26,491.

Next comes Germany, which has displaced France from fourth place with 113,296 infected, 2,349 deaths and 46,300 recoveries. Thus, France falls to fifth place, with 83,080 cases, 10,887 deaths and 21,461 people cured.

China, the epicenter of the pandemic and once the most affected country, is already in sixth place with a balance of 82,867 cases, 3,339 fatalities and 77,639 people recovered. After a day in which he had not detected any cases, this Thursday he did, with two being locally transmitted and 61 from abroad.

Over 60,000 infections are found in Iran –64,586 cases, 3,993 deaths and 29,812 cured – and the United Kingdom, which has identified 61,474 patients, 7,111 deaths and 345 recovered. Then, although at a certain distance, there is Turkey, which borders on 40,000 cases, including 812 deaths and 1,846 people who have overcome the Covid-19.

Belgium has exceeded 23,400 confirmed cases and already registers 2,240 deaths, but also 4,681 cured. With similar figures, Switzerland shows a balance of 23,280 cases, about 900 people dead and another 9,800 cured.

The Netherlands has already crossed the threshold of 20,000 coronavirus cases, with 2,255 deaths and 272 recovered patients. Below are Canada, with about 19,300 cases, 436 deaths and 4,646 cured; Brazil, which remains the most affected country in Latin America, with nearly 16,200 cases, 820 deaths and 127 recoveries; Portugal, with more than 13,140 cases, 380 fatalities and 196 recovered; and Austria, which is close to 13,000 cases, including 230 deaths and 4,512 cures.

South Korea, which became one of the countries hardest hit by Covid-19, registered 39 new cases on Thursday, the lowest number since the end of February, when it reached a peak of 909 positives. The total reaches 10,423, with 204 deaths and 6,973 people who have defeated the virus. In a similar range are Israel –9,404 cases, 73 deaths and 801 recovered–; Russia – 8,672 infected, 63 deceased and 580 cured -; and Sweden: 8,419 cases, 687 deaths and 205 recovered.

Ireland, Norway and Australia have already surpassed 6,000 cases, while India is on the verge of reaching them. Denmark, Chile, the Czech Republic and Poland are above 5,000 and Romania, Japan, Ecuador, Peru, Pakistan and Malaysia have exceeded 4,000. The Philippines, Mexico and Luxembourg have more than 3,000 and Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, Finland, Thailand, Qatar, the Dominican Republic and Colombia have exceeded 2,000.

For their part, Greece, South Africa, Argentina, Ukraine, Singapore, Iceland, Algeria, Egypt, Croatia, Morocco, New Zealand, Iraq, Estonia, Moldova, Slovenia and Belarus have registered more than a thousand cases.

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