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López Obrador lowers his government’s salary in his plan of measures against the coronavirus crisis

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has announced this Sunday that the salary will be lowered, as well as the rest of the high government officials, he will return VAT to taxpayers and will not generate more public debt, among other measures, to try to alleviate the economic damage derived from the coronavirus health crisis.

“In this crisis, I stress transitory, it is up to everyone to do their part,” said the Mexican president, and then reported that the salaries of senior public officials will be lowered and the “bonuses” will be eliminated, including the yours.

López Obrador has also advanced that he will not generate more public debt, nor will they raise or create more taxes, and in turn, he pointed out, VAT will be returned as soon as possible to taxpayers.

He has also insisted that there will be no layoffs in the public administration, but has asked officials “for more dedication, efficiency and total honesty” to continue “with the transformation of Mexico,” as the Aztec newspaper ‘El Universal has reported. ‘.

The Mexican president has recognized the work of both businessmen and private banks in these moments of health crisis in Mexico, where Covid-19 has already left 94 deaths and 2,143 infections.

The president has also advanced that next week his Government intends to announce new investment policies for the energy sector valued at 339 million pesos (about 12 million euros) and another of 65,000 million (about 2,300 million euros) for the state company Petróleos Mexicanos.

López Obrador has also wanted to recognize the “sacrifice” made by Mexican society during these weeks, for which he has announced that his Government continues to work for the most vulnerable sectors of the country.

Thus, it has advanced that the Government will pay four months of pension to eight billion older adults, which means a departure of 42 million pesos (just over a million and a half euros).

The head of the Mexican State has said that an investment of 25,000 million pesos (900 million euros) will also be made in the area of ​​social housing and access to drinking water and has announced aid for the agriculture and fishing sector, as well as education.

Finally, López Obrador has encouraged Mexicans to continue taking precautions and taking care of the elderly and sick, because as he has announced, “the most difficult part is yet to come.”

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