China begins reporting asymptomatic cases of coronavirus

The Chinese Ministry of Health has reported on Wednesday 36 new infections of coronavirus in the Asian giant – all but one imported – in a balance that for the first time details cases of people who have tested positive for Covid-19 but not have had symptoms.

The total number of imported cases has risen to 806 and 26 suspected cases have been located, all of them belonging to people who came to China from other countries. Of the cases that have come from outside, the Government has indicated that 115 have already been discharged and 691 are still under treatment, of which 20 are serious.

In turn, on Tuesday, health authorities have certified the death of seven other people, six of them in Hubei province, whose capital Wuhan was the epicenter of the pandemic, and one in Shanghai. Thus, the death balance has reached 3,312 this Wednesday, while the registered cases are 81,554.

On the other hand, 186 new patients have left the hospitals after having recovered, so the total number of discharged persons has risen to 76,238.

The Chinese Government has detailed that 172 people are still suspected of suffering from the disease, of which 169 came from other countries. For the first time, the official review reports that 1,367 people are infected but asymptomatic under observation.

China, origin of the virus, is the fourth most affected country, behind the United States, Italy, which also has the highest death figures – more than 12,400 -, and Spain. Globally, the pandemic has so far left more than 42,000 deaths and the number of those affected exceeds 860,000.

Chinese President Xi Jinping insisted on Tuesday that the priority now is to stop the entry of infected people and has warned that surveillance will continue to be active for a “long” period of time. The country has closed the border to foreigners since this week.


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