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Maduro calls the US complaint “crazy” and warns that they will fight “in all areas”

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has assured this Thursday that the criminal charges brought by the United States for drug trafficking against him and high officials of his government are “madness, vulgar and miserable”, and has warned the authorities in Washington that they are “ready to fight them in all fields”.

The Department of Justice of the United States has announced this Thursday the accusation of Maduro, as well as other members of his Government, for “narcoterrorism” and has offered a reward of $ 15 million to anyone who can offer information that allows his arrest.

According to US Justice, this “cartel of ‘Chavista’ officials”, along with the dissolved FARC guerrillas and their dissent, obtained cocaine in Colombia and distributed it from Venezuela in order to “flood” the United States with drugs.

Maduro has defended the work of the members of his Government appointed by the United States and has shown his discomfort at the “vulgarities” that the United States Attorney General, William Barr, has launched.

“Like some racist ‘cowboys’ of the 19th century, they put a price on the heads of some revolutionaries who are willing to fight them in all areas and continue to win,” the president denounced after addressing the situation the country is experiencing in relation to the crisis. global health risk derived from the coronavirus pandemic.

“You are a miserable, Donald Trump,” said the Venezuelan president, who has also referred to how, in his opinion, the president of the United States operates in the field of international relations.

“He acts not only as a racist and supremacist ‘cowboy’, but also as an extortioner of the New York mafias he led as head of real estate companies. Donald Trump’s wealth was obtained from extortion, from mafia wars against gangs in New York. The United States knows that, “he said.

Maduro explained that “if someone is harmed by this action by the United States, it is Donald Trump himself”, because as for his government, they have “intact morale.”

“Venezuela has the record for fighting drug trafficking in the last 15 years, when we kicked the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) out of here. Yesterday we knocked down a plane for Colombian drug trafficking,” he said. .

“When a drug trafficking plane enters, with the law in hand, and complying with the protocols, lead at will,” the Venezuelan leader has warned, who in turn has pointed out that where a “narco-state” has been formed has been in Colombia, “Donald Trump’s partners”.

“Our life has been that of social struggle, my life has been the daily struggle in the popular and union movement. If I have cultivated anything it has been the honesty of a revolutionary,” he defended.

In relation to the links with the already extinct Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Maduro has reminded Trump of the role that the Government of Venezuela played during the peace negotiations that the guerrillas led in exchange with the Colombian State.

“In Venezuela, and from Venezuela, with Commander Hugo Chávez, and later as president, we built, together with Colombia and the FARC, the peace agreements, publicly recognized in all official documents, by the United Nations and the Council of UN Security “, he pointed out.

“They are going to accuse us of terrorists, the terrorists of the world. Those who bomb and kill towns,” he concluded.

The United States has issued numerous sanctions against Maduro and senior Venezuelan officials, including the president of the Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, and the economic vice president, Tareck El Aissami, for drug trafficking, corruption, and human rights violations, but the criminal charges involve a qualitative leap in its offensive to achieve “free” elections in the Caribbean nation.

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