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New York confirms more than 10,000 infections and urgently requests medical supplies

A total of 10,356 people are infected with coronavirus in New York state, according to the latest balance provided this Saturday by the state governor, Andrew Cuomo, who has urgently requested medical supplies.

“We need 30,000 respirators (pulmonary assistance), we only have 6,000. At least we have those,” said the governor.

Cuomo has confirmed that New York State will bring a million face masks to the city. “It will not help us overcome the crisis, but it will make a significant contribution to the problem that we have in this regard in New York City.”

The city, the main focus of the epidemic in the country – with 46 deaths – will suspend “unnecessary” tests in the next few hours, which “will become more important once the pandemic has reached its peak,” according to a statement collected by the American channel CNN.

With the withdrawal of the tests, the next balances will not accurately represent the reality of the infections, according to the chain’s medical specialist, Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

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