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Trump wins without opposition the Republican primary of Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Idaho and Washington

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has fulfilled this Tuesday with the procedure of the Republican primaries that have been held in five states, because in North Dakota the party has chosen not to hold elections before the more than foreseeable victory of the tycoon.

The states of Missouri, Michigan and Mississippi have been the first to give victory to Trump, as the president has moved through his Twitter account. An overwhelming triumph in the three territories where it has touched almost all the votes.

Idaho and Washington, where he has obtained 100 percent of the votes, have been the other two states that have finally shown their seamless support for Trump.

As for North Dakota, Republicans have decided not to hold primaries, just as they did in Virginia during the past ‘super Tuesday’, given the clear victory that is supposed to be achieved by Trump, who has not had serious opposition competitors on his way to being Four more years at the White House.

Bill Weld, his rival, has not been opposed since the Republican Party primaries began, in which only one delegate has been able to scratch.

President Trump has also valued the day of primaries in the Democratic Party and has accused Senator Elizabeth Warren, ‘Pocahontas’ as she refers to, having “totally destroyed” Bernie Sanders’ campaign by not having renounced her candidacy.

“If he had resigned three days earlier, Sanders would have defeated Biden,” the US president said through his Twitter account, who has ironized by claiming that Democrats have achieved “two more losers” to support ‘Sleepy Joe’ , in reference to Biden, who has won on Tuesday in four of the six states that were being contested with Sanders.

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