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Biden is emerging as winner in the Democratic primary of Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri

Former US Vice President Joe Biden heads the primary counts to decide the nomination of the White House Democratic Party in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri, according to US media projections.

On Tuesday, primaries have also been held in North Dakota and Washington, in addition to the vote of Democrats residing abroad, but so far no results of these votes have been provided. However, Biden’s victory in four of the six states in dispute this Tuesday may call Sanders and his campaign into question.

Michigan is the state that distributes the most delegates this Tuesday, a total of 125 of the 365 that are at stake on this election day. In this state, Biden obtains 52.9 percent of the votes, compared to 36.7 percent of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who won in the state in the primary held four years ago.

Idaho distributes 20 Democratic delegates. The results show a percentage of 48.9 percent of the votes for Biden and 42.4 percent of support for Sanders.

As for Mississipi, which distributes 36 delegates, the former vice president achieves a bulky result, 81 percent of the votes. Sanders, on the other hand, reaches 14.8 percent of the vote.

Finally, in Missouri, Biden gets 60.1 percent of the support, where Sanders collects 34.5 percent. There are 68 Democratic delegates in the state of Missouri.

The former US vice president has addressed his supporters after learning the first results of the primaries and has focused on pointing out that he and Sanders share a common goal, defeating the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

“I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his followers for their tireless energy and passion. We share a common goal and together we will defeat Donald Trump,” Biden said in Philadelphia.

“We will unite this nation,” he added, before referring to the support he has gained from some of his former rivals, such as former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, former congressman Beto O’Rourke or New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“Tonight we are one step closer to restoring decency, dignity and honor to the White House,” said Biden. “That is our ultimate goal,” he has settled, according to the CNN television network.

For its part, Sanders has chosen not to address his supporters tonight. As one of his advisors to CNN has indicated, the senator knew that tonight he could get disappointing results, but he did not expect a defeat “so overwhelming” in Michigan.

The state analyst Bernie Porn had already explained in the ‘Washington Examiner’ that a bulky defeat in Michigan could sink Sanders’ perspectives and confirm the decline that began at the end of the ‘super Tuesday’.

The primary process is expected to end next July with the National Democratic Convention, where the party will officially announce its candidate for the Presidency and he will appoint his ‘number two’.

A candidate requires a total of 1,991 delegates to win the Democratic nomination for the November elections, where the president of the United States, Donald Trump, aspires to re-election.

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