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Facebook launches the ‘app’ for mobile Creator Studio to manage the content of the pages

Facebook has launched the Creator Studio mobile application, with which page creators and publishers can manage content from their mobile devices.

The Creator Studio function was already available in the desktop version of Facebook and now users can use it from tablets and smartphones thanks to the new app.

Like the web page version, the Creator Studio application allows creators to edit titles and video descriptions, as well as delete and schedule publications.

Users can also read and respond to Facebook messages and comments via Inbox directly from the application, according to the company in a statement.

Also, you can manage several Facebook pages from the application and change from one to another without logging out.

With Creator Studio, page creators will also receive immediate notifications in the application and data on the performance of published content.

“The ‘app’ is an evolution and a mobile complement to Creator Studio, dedicated to helping creators and publishers manage their content, track performance and connect with their audience on Facebook,” the company explained.

In addition, the company has detailed that the application is available for both the Android and iOS operating system for free.

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