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The Pope baptizes 32 babies in the Sistine Chapel: “In a beautiful preaching listen to the cry of a child in the Church”

The Pope has baptized 32 newborns in the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican and has invited his parents not to forget that the fundamental task that now lies ahead is the transmission of faith.

“Baptizing a child is an act of justice for Jesus. In baptism we give children a treasure, a promise: the Holy Spirit. The child comes out (from baptism) with the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit who will defend him and it will help him throughout his life. That is why it is so important to baptize them because they grow up with the power of the Holy Spirit, “Francis said.

“In a beautiful preaching to hear the crying of a child in the Church,” he noted below in the brief homily.

Once again, Francis has imparted the sacrament of baptism to 15 girls and 17 boys, sons and employees of the Vatican offices and dicasteries. The pontifical tradition of administering baptism began with Saint John Paul II to remember the day on which Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River. The Polish Pope baptized more than 1,400 children during his Pontificate.

The Pontiff celebrates the sacrament of baptism twice. In addition to this Sunday, which marks the conclusion of Christmas time, he usually baptizes several adult catechumens on Easter night.

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