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New protests in two universities in Tehran against the authorities after the demolition of the Ukrainian plane

Two universities in Iran have been the scene for the second consecutive day of protests against the Iranian Government and the Army after the demolition by mistake of a Ukrainian plane with 176 passengers on board in the framework of the tension with the United States and with the added factor that supposes the economic crisis in the country due to US sanctions.

According to the Iranian news agency ISNA, hundreds of people have congregated at the universities of Shahid Beheshti and Alamé Tabatabai for new vigils and shouts against the authorities.

Many of the protesters asked those responsible to resign, according to the Iranian media, while the Government has promised that those responsible will end up in justice.

These new protests take place after thousands of protesters took to the streets of Tehran on Saturday to protest against the regime, according to a video obtained by the US network CNN.

In the recording, broadcast by an Iranian activist, Alireza Azami, from the Netherlands, you can see a concentrated crowd in front of the main gate of the Amir Kabir University in Tehran shouting “Jamenei is ashamed. Leave the country.”

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