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Freddie Mercury still sends Christmas gifts to his family and friends every year

Freddie Mercury died on November 24, 1991 but, 28 years later, his relatives are still receiving Christmas gifts from the charismatic and iconic Queen vocalist.

Known for his great generosity, Freddie ordered in his will that London department stores Fortnum & Mason send a Christmas basket every year to close friends and their godchildren, all of them listed on a list written by the singer before he died.

They all receive them every year, with the bill paid for the musician’s inheritance. “We think it’s a lovely gesture, which is known to happen every year,” a department store spokesman told Mail Online.

The last to speak of Freddie’s generosity has been Elton John in his recent autobiography, in whose pages he remembers how on the morning of Christmas 1991, a month after his death, he received a watercolor painting as a posthumous gift.

“As I tell in my book, my drag name is Sharon and Freddie was Melina. On a beautiful pillowcase I received a watercolor painting. On the note that came it said ‘dear Sharon, I saw this at auction and thought you would love it I love you, Melina. “

Elton relates that he was excited with the gesture: “He was dying and still thinking of his friends. I still have the pillowcase next to my bed. That was the kind of person Freddie was. He was very full of love and life.” .

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