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Democratic candidates deal with racism and lack of diversity in the sixth presidential debate

The Democratic candidates for the Presidency of the United States addressed this Thursday during the sixth debate in the face of the formation’s primary rational questions and the lack of diversity suffered by the party itself.

In a heated conversation that has taken place in the town of Los Angeles, the seven candidates have addressed how to make their party, and the government in general, reflect the country’s diversity.

“It’s an honor and a disappointment to be the only color candidate on stage tonight. I miss Kamala (Harris), I miss Cory (Booker), although I think Cory will return,” Andrew Yang joked about the exit of the democratic race of the senators, who have not fulfilled the requirements to attend the debate.

“I grew up being the son of immigrants and many racial epithets were used against me as a child,” Yang said. “But blacks and Latinos have something much more powerful working against them than words. They have numbers. The average net worth of a black home is only 10 percent of that of a white home. For Latinos, it’s 12 percent. hundred, “he lamented.

“A black woman is 320 percent more likely to die from birth complications. These are the figures that define the race in our country,” he said before arguing that he is the only candidate of color on stage because the Americans of color lack the money available to donate to election campaigns.

In this regard, he clarified that “the way to fix this is to take the message of Martin Luther King.” The Vermont state senator and favorite in the election race, Bernie Sanders, has tried to redirect the conversation to the issue of climate change.

Thus, he stressed that those “Americans of color will suffer even more if they do not deal with climate change,” according to the CNN television network. “We have an obligation here … to talk about an economy in which African Americans are exploited, where black women die in proportions three times higher than white women, where we have a judicial system that is racist,” he said. asserted

Sanderes, who has pointed out that the majority of prisoners are “African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans,” has argued that “an economy that focuses on the needs of the oppressed and exploited is necessary.” “That is the African-American community,” he added.

For its part, the senator from the state of Minnesota Amy Kobuchar has pointed out that “this is the United States.” According to Klobuchar, the Democrats must attack the repression of voters and the use of ‘gerrymandering’.

In addition, he has shown his support for a law that would register all children in the United States so they can vote once they turn 18. “As Martin Luther King Jr. said, what’s the point of being able to sit at the bar if you can’t afford a hamburger?”

Sanders has branded the president of the country, Donald Trump, who has been disapproved by the House of Representatives and is waiting for a political trial against him in the Senate, to be a “pathological liar” at the head of “the most corrupt administration in the history of this country”.

“We have a president who is a fraud because during his campaign he told the working class one thing and has ended up doing something else,” Sanders said. “I think we have a president who has sold to the working families of this country, who wants to cut social security after saying he would not,” he said.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has insisted she will try to show the “impact of corruption” and has accused Trump of breaking his promises.

Most of the candidates have agreed on the need to dismiss the leader. However, Yang has warned that the party should stop obsessing with the ‘impeachment’.

“The more we act as if Donald Trump were the cause of all our problems, the more Americans lose confidence that we can really see what is happening in our communities and solve those problems,” Yang said.

Shortly after, Pete Buttigieg, a young mayor of the town of South Bend (Indiana) and openly gay, has been in the spotlight when several candidates have criticized the large sums of money raised by the mayor, as well as his relative lack of political experience compared to the rest of the candidates.

The Massachusetts senator has rebuked the mayor, as well as former vice president Joe Biden for involving large donors in his election campaigns.

The first screening in the Democratic Party will take place on February 3 with the Iowa caucus. Until now it was a race of three – Biden, Warren and Sanders – but in the last polls Buttigieg has climbed to stand as one of the strong candidates.

The Chinese government has cut the issue of the debate when the candidates have addressed the issue of alleged human rights abuses committed against the Uighur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region.

The broadcast has been cut around 9:00 p.m. (local time) after the moderator of the debate, Judy Woodruff, asked Burrigieg if the United States should boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games for the alleged mass detention of Uighur citizens.

The information in the debate remained cut for about nine minutes while the candidates were asked about a variety of Chinese issues, including Hong Kong protests and military tensions in the South China Sea.

The US State Department estimates that 2 million Uyghurs are being held in detention camps in Xinjiang Province. Activist groups say they are subjected to abuse while attending alleged “reeducation” programs.

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