Putin considers “invented” the accusations on which Trump’s impeachment is based

He believes that it is “unlikely” that the president of the United States will be dismissed in the Senate

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has considered “unlikely” that the political trial that will take place against his US counterpart, Donald Trump, in the US Senate will conclude with his dismissal, assuming that Republicans will enforce mostly to contain the “invented” accusations of the Democrats.

“It is unlikely that they want to dismiss their supporter, in my opinion, for a completely crazy reason,” Putin said in his annual press conference, held only a few hours after the full House of Representatives gave the green light to the ‘impeachment’, according to the Sputnik agency.

For Putin, the process is part of an internal political dispute in the United States. In this regard, he has managed to get the Democratic Party looking for “other methods” to deal with Trump, who “first” was accused of conspiring with Russia and then “inventing the pressure on Ukraine”, alluding to the controversial telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president, Volidimir Zelenski.

The Russian president has also referred to the Strategic Weapons Reduction Treaty (START) signed with the United States, which expires in February 2021, to defend its continuity. Without this treaty, he warned, “there will be nothing in the world to stop the arms race.”

Putin had already shown his willingness to agree as soon as possible a new extension of said agreement for five more years and without conditions, despite the fact that the maintenance of the START was questioned by the constant political pulse between Moscow and Washington. “So far, we have not received an answer,” he lamented.

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