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Lacalle presents to the members of his cabinet: “It will not be a government of excuses”

The president-elect of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, presented Monday to the members of his cabinet, including his coalition partner Ernesto Talvi, and has promised that he will not be “a government of excuses.”

Although after his overwhelming victory in the second round of the presidential elections last November 24 Lacalle Pou had already advanced the names of some of the members of his cabinet, this Monday he made the formal presentation wrapped up by all of them, including his vice president, Beatriz Argimón, and the future Minister of Economy, Azucena Arbeleche.

“It will not be a government of excuses; we have always been critical of those who do not assume the responsibilities and of those who do not find a reason to take responsibility,” said the future president in his speech, according to Uruguayan media.

“If the Government is doing well, it is thanks to the team, and if there is someone to criticize, it is the president of the Republic,” said Lacalle Pou, candidate of the National Party and has forged an alliance with the main opposition parties – Colorado Party, Open Cabildo and Independent Party – which has taken the left-wing Frente Amplio out of power after fifteen years of government.

The future president has assured that by the time he takes office, next March 1, he will already have the policies of his first year of “defined” Government. “We want a government that speaks with the country,” he said, highlighting the multicolored nature of the coalition that has formed.

In total, the future Executive will consist of thirteen portfolios, among which there will be only two women, the head of Economy and Irene Moreira in charge of Housing.

Lacalle Pou has put the leader of the Colorado Party, Ernesto Talvi, in front of Foreign Affairs, while the leader of the Independent Party, Pablo Mieres, will be the Minister of Labor. The leader of the Open Council, Guido Manini Ríos, who had been designated for several portfolios is finally out of the cabinet.

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