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Robert De Niro replies to criticism against ‘The Irish’: “They didn’t tease me”

Movies based on real events are often the target of criticism for their lack of historical accuracy, as well as for taking creative licenses. ‘The Irishman’, Martin Scorsese’s new film, has not been oblivious to the comments that the tape is labeled as “a false story.” Its protagonist, Robert De Niro, has not hesitated to defend the film strongly.

The script for ‘The Irishman’, written by Steven Zaillian, is based on the biography ‘Jimmy Hoffa: Case Closed’ (Critical Editorial). In the book, the author Charles Brandt met with the exmafious Frank Sheeran, who plays Robert De Niro in the film, who claimed to have killed Hoffa by shooting him twice in the back of the head, committing the crime in a house located in Northwest Detroit

This version has been completely rejected by the FBI members who participated in the investigation, as well as by the journalists who covered the event, who have categorically denied Sheeran’s confession and have shown their rejection that the film shows this version.

Dan Moldea, a journalist, writer and expert in the Hoffa case, said in an interview for The Daily Beast, that he had a personal disagreement with De Niro during an event in Washington DC, warning him to refuse to participate in the film, precisely because of his “lack of historical rigor”. Actually, Hoffa’s body has never been found and no remains of blood were found in the house where Sheeran said he killed him.

“Dan is a very respected writer. I met him in Washington DC on a writers’ subject, where they meet every year. He said they were cheating on us, but they didn’t tease me,” Robert De Niro said in a interview for Indiewire. “He is an authority on the Hoffa case and also on similar issues, I have no problem with the people I disagree with,” the actor explained.

“As Scorsese says, we are not saying that we are telling a true story, but that we are telling our story, it is what I believe,” the Oscar-winning interpreter continued. “I know one thing, everything Frank said, the descriptions of the places he was in, the way he described it, all that is real,” said the protagonist of ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Wild Bull’.

Beyond controversy, if the press and the public who has seen the film seem to agree, it is that ‘The Irish’ is a new cinematographic jewel signed by the great Martin Scorsese. The film arrives in Spanish cinemas this November 15, by the hand of Tripictures, which is being responsible for distributing the latest titles produced by Netflix in movie sauce. The movie will be available on the streaming platform on November 27.

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