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Bolsonaro accuses Leonardo DiCaprio of financing fires in the Amazon

The president of Brazil, Janir Bolsonaro, has accused Leonardo DiCaprio of financing the fires that are currently taking place in the Amazon.

The controversial Brazilian leader referred last Friday, November 29 to the actor through his Facebook account. During a live broadcast he addressed the interpreter saying: “Leonardo DiCaprio, damn it, you are collaborating to burn the Amazon.”

Although the statements take place in a seemingly humorous tone, it seems that Bolsonaro was not joking in his statement. Later, in a meeting with his voters, the president reiterated in his accusation. “That Leonardo DiCaprio is a good guy, right?” The President asked rhetorically before clarifying: “He is giving money to set the Amazon on fire.” According to the politician, DiCaprio is part of a “campaign against Brazil.”

Although the seriousness of the terms in which Bolsonaro addresses the protagonist of titles such as ‘Once upon a time … In Hollywood’, the President has not provided evidence to support his accusations.

Deadline points out that the origin of the Brazilian’s statements have to do with the existing rumors that link DiCaprio with the NGO. This NGO, whose purpose is to collaborate in the extinction of fires, has been accused by the government of being responsible for the fires themselves, also without apparent evidence.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who defines himself as an ‘environmentalist’ in social networks, donated 5 million dollars last summer to fight the Amazon fires. The actor claims to be fully aware of climate change and has appeared alongside other relevant characters in this fight like Greta Thunberg.

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