‘Anita’ dies, the Soviet spy who thwarted a Nazi attack on Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt

Soviet spy Goar Vartanian, who managed to thwart a Nazi plan to kill allied leaders Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt has died on Monday at 93 years of age, as reported by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR, by its Russian acronym).

Vartanian, aka ‘Anita’, became a legend of Soviet Intelligence when, along with other spies of the USSR, he thwarted the attack that Nazi Germany intended to carry out against Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt during the Tehran Conference in 1943 .

The group of Soviet spies in which ‘Anita’ worked was led by what ended up being her husband, Guevork Vartanian, ‘Anri’, with only 19 years, as the news agency Sputnik recalls.

“She and her sailor left in the destinies of numerous agents (…) and common people an incredible mark that was praised in books, articles and movies … He left first, today it was his turn” , said the SVR.

‘Anita’ was born in 1926 in the Armenian city of Gyumri (then Leninakan), but at the beginning of the 1930s his family moved to Iran and at 16 he joined the anti-Nazi group led by ‘Anri’.

They got married when she was 20 years old, but, according to Goar herself revealed in an interview with Sputnik in 2015: she fell in love with Guevork when she was 18. “I helped my husband a lot at work, participated in secret operations, together we shared failures and joys, “he said.

The marriage came to the USSR in 1951, where he returned in 1986 after a career as spies. Given the importance of the operations in which they participated, they are still kept secret.


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