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Trump’s tilda campaign of “stupid” Twitter’s decision on “political propaganda”

The campaign of the American president, Donald Trump, has branded this Wednesday as “stupid” the decision of Twitter on the publication of “paid political propaganda” in the social network worldwide, according to the news portal The Verge.

Trump campaign chief Brad Pascale has said in a statement that the decision will primarily harm conservatives and “silence” them. He has also warned that the company will suffer losses of millions of dollars.

“Will Twitter also stop the partial liberal media announcements that will now operate out of control while they buy political content with the aim of attacking Republicans?”

The founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has argued that “political ads on the Internet pose completely new challenges for civic discourse”, before pointing out that the consequences include “unproven misleading information and deep falsehoods” to “a increasing speed, sophistication and a superlative scale. “

The Democrats, meanwhile, have shown themselves in favor of Twitter’s decision and have addressed the possibility of Facebook doing the same. “Mark Zuckerberg has said he doesn’t want the responsibility of blocking fake political content,” said Democratic Senator Ron Wyden.

“If that really is the case and not a desperate attempt to talk to the extreme right, Facebook must follow the path of Twitter and remove these ads from its website,” he added.

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