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Zinédine Zidane: “I have my preference, but we will play the Classic when they tell us”

The Real Madrid coach, Zinédine Zidane, did not want to go too deeply into the postponement of the Classic that was to be played on October 26 and although he acknowledged that he has his “preference” on the date of his dispute, he said they will adapt to what remember between the two clubs or decide the Competition Committee.

“I know you are interested in this issue, but in the end what we are going to do is tell us, whether we have to play on the 26th or if there is a change of date, the important thing is to be prepared for the game and that everyone is proud when let’s play it. There’s a lot of debate, of course, but as Real Madrid coach we will play when the right person touches us and tells us, “Zidane said this Friday at the press conference before the game against Mallorca.

In this sense, and before the dates that are shuffled to play the game, he acknowledged that he has his “preference”. “But I will not tell. It may be 7 or 18 (December) and we adapt to that,” he said, emphasizing that it is when the clash against Barça “changes the preparation.”

“The Galatasaray is a more important game and we will be prepared to play if we have to play on Saturday,” he said, before stressing that there are “images” that he has seen of the streets of Barcelona that are “difficult”. “I don’t like violence, nobody, but I don’t want to enter,” he settled.

On the other hand, he confirmed that he will not be able to count on Modric, Bale, Kroos and Lucas Vázquez for the visit to Mallorca. “Something is always going to happen to us and that is hard for the coach. Not stopping can never happen and we have to accept it,” he admitted.

“We know what has happened during these two weeks, many have been out and some have returned ‘touched’. We have prepared the game these two days with everyone and in order to make a good game against a team that does not deserve its position in the table, “added the Madrid coach.

Anyway, despite the plague of injuries, he avoided thinking of reinforcements in the winter market because “he is far away and is not the most important thing now”, and confessed that it was “pure coincidence” that he coincided in an event in Dubai with his compatriot Paul Pogba “As we have known each other for a long time, we talk, but it is personal and I will not tell it,” he said.

On his staff, said Luka Jovic “is not discouraged, vice versa.” “He knows his situation, but he has just arrived and I think he is much better than at the beginning. Little by little he is speaking Spanish and he is entering the dynamic. He has not played much lately, but he is an important player and he will count,” he warned. , asking for “patience” to those who do not play and, above all, to Brahim and Mariano. “I know it’s hard for them,” he said.

Zidane praised Uruguayan Fede Valverde. “For me all are indisputable. He is very good, he is young, he can play from area to area and he has personality because he always wants to do well and demands a lot, and that is good to improve,” he said of the midfielder.

In addition, he referred to the Japanese Takefusa Kubo, assigned by Real Madrid to his rival this Saturday. “He is playing, which is good for him, and he is doing well. I am glad because his decision has been this and must be respected, I am happy for what he is doing with Mallorca,” he said.

Finally, the French do not see the possible offer of Sergio Ramos to play the Tokyo Olympics and recalled that the central, despite his age (34 years), “always wants to do something important to help his country.” “I think it’s very nice. I don’t even talk to him about it, what matters to me is what he wants. It’s not my subject and if he wants to play it seems very good to me,” he said.

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