‘Fujimori’ decides to participate in the next parliamentary elections in Peru

Fuerza Popular, the main opposition force in Peru, led by Keiko Fujimori, has decided that it will participate in the parliamentary elections scheduled for January 26, even though it was against the electoral advance.

The decision was taken on Sunday in an extraordinary congress that brought together the dome of the Popular Force in Lima, although the top representatives of ‘Fujimori’ agreed to leave the provincial delegates in the hands of the election of candidates, according to the Peruvian newspaper ‘El Commerce’.

Fuerza Popular was one of the most critical voices with the electoral advance made by the Government that President Martín Vizcarra, within the framework of the pulse between the Executive and the Legislative on behalf of the constitutional reform.

“The fact of participating in this process does not mean validating the rupture of the constitutional order,” said the secretary general of Fuerza Popular, Luis Galarreta, in statements to Channel N.

However, the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Jorge Meléndez, has considered that with this “they are accepting.” “They wanted to archive the project to advance elections in Congress, but this time, if they participate, they are validating everything that has happened,” he argued.

Popular Force is the first opposing force in Parliament. In 2016 he obtained 73 deputies who subsequently reduced to 54 for the fight between Keiko Fujimori and his brother Kenji for control of the party.

The opposition formation faces this electoral process with its leader in provisional prison for the alleged illegal financing of electoral campaigns, a case that is part of the Odebrecht corruption scandal.


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