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Los Angeles inaugurates a sculpture in honor of Mexican braceros

The US city of Los Angeles has inaugurated a six-meter-tall sculpture on Monday honoring Mexican braceros, known as the “soldiers of the groove,” according to the CNN news network.

The bronze statue has been inaugurated on Olvera Street and is the first monument in homage to a group of workers. “His story has not been told yet,” said Jose Huizar, a member of the local council.

“My father was a bracero. All my uncles were and tell me many stories about the sacrifices that were made. Sometimes they didn’t drink water for a whole day, the conditions in the barracks were horrible,” he said before pointing out that ” despite the sacrifices they appreciated the opportunity because they could get some money and send it to their families. “

The term ‘braceros’ was coined to refer to millions of workers from Mexico who arrived in the United States under a temporary labor agreement reached in 1942 to provide additional workers in the absence of labor during World War II. According to reports, the program ended in 1964.

“My stepfather, who greatly raised me and taught me everything I am today, was a bracero,” said the artist who created the statue, Dan Medina.

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