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Penelope Cruz: “My story was never to take a round-trip ticket to try my luck”

The actress receives this Friday the Donostia Prize in recognition of her film career.

The actress Penelope Cruz will pick up the Donostia Prize on Friday, with which the San Sebastian Festival recognizes the trajectory of the Spanish interpreter, who has affirmed at a press conference that her story was never to “take a suitcase and a return ticket to try his luck “in Hollywood and in his career he is attracted to different characters to create.

“My story was never to take the suitcase and a return ticket to try my luck, that would have given me more fear,” said the actress in reference to her career in Hollywood, in the press room of the Kursaal, full of media of communication and just a few hours before collecting the honorary award for his career.

Cruz (Madrid, 1974), which is also the image of the festival, has been defined before the press as a worker with an almost “military” discipline, a fundamental “requirement” in the profession due to her years of classical ballet as well as to the “values” that his family instilled in his house in Alcobendas, where, as he has confessed, he still walks and remembers the years in which he lived there.

“I thank you for not laughing at me when I told you,” said the actress about the moment in which she told her family that she wanted to dedicate herself to acting, for which, as she said, she did not have “references” , as if he wanted to have been an “astronaut.”

In addition, and asked about how young she has received this award, she has confessed that when the festival director informed her of the festival’s intention to grant her the honorary prize, she asked him if he did not want to wait “a few more years.” “I sat like a character from Pedro Almodóvar and I thought something was going to happen to me,” he joked.

Asked by three of the directors with whom he has worked, Almodóvar has highlighted the “level of connection” he shares with him. “We can never fool ourselves, what in the shoot is a benefit,” said the actress, for whom the Manchego director is someone from his “family.”

As for Bigas Luna, who died in 2013, and with whom he shot ‘Ham, ham’ in 1992, one of his first films, the actress has pointed out that “on days like today he is missed”. “It was he who gave Javier and me the opportunity,” recalled the actress, who has revealed that they could never say goodbye to him because he decided not to say he was sick.

Together with them, he pointed out that Fernando Trueba was “very important” in his life. “The year of ‘Ham, ham’ was the year of ‘Belle epoque’ and they both opened many doors for me. I will always be grateful for that,” he said.

Regarding his career in Hollywood, Cruz has stressed that he currently spends more time in Spain than in the United States, where he stayed longer than in his home country for a long time. “Once you become a mother, your priority is that. You have to look differently where and when the shootings are, and how long they will last,” said the actress, who said that she now only travels when she has to work or attend to several meetings.

Although there were years in which he flew “nonstop”, Penelope Cruz has assured that he never disassociated himself from Spain. “I never played it. I didn’t want to lose what I was building here,” said Cruz, who never stopped working in Europe or quitting the “dream” of combining his work on both sides of the Atlantic.

“I would not be interested in making a character twice or in interpreting a character that looks like me, because the more similar it is more difficult to create something interesting, since it is in that distance where we fly,” said the actress about her job.

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