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Bachelet rules out being a presidential candidate in Chile when her term at the UN ends

Michelle Bachelet has assured that she will not re-present her candidacy for the Presidency of Chile when she finishes her term as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in 2022.

The Chilean president stressed that “democracy requires change, requires having new people, not necessarily young, but new.” “If they begin to repeat the same faces is that there is a problem of democracy,” said Bachelet, in an interview with the TVN network.

The second reason that the Chilean has presented for not showing up again is personal, since “being president of the Republic comes with a high cost”. He has also assured that there will be no argument that changes his position in this regard, even if the society was mobilized in favor of his candidacy.

“I worry that in Chile we have not been able to generate many leaderships,” said the ex-president. The lack of left-wing candidates “with sufficient strength” and the sense of responsibility with their country was the reason that Bachelet claimed to run for a second term, after having declared after his first stage at the head of the Government that he would not appear again.

Bachelet has shown his desire to return to his country once he ends his period at the United Nations to do “grandmother, perhaps”, without holding any public office.

A former government minister who led Bachelet said in August that the former president was part of the past and had no political relevance. The High Commissioner has said that the former minister probably had a candidate and feared she would come forward, but “she has the right to say what she wants.”

The president has considered that the policy in Chile “has lost height” and has criticized the struggles that are being waged more in the personal field of disqualifying the other than of debating the ideas themselves. “Human quality has been lost,” which has caused many people to leave politics, both in Chile and in other countries, according to Bachelet.

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