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Schwarzenegger wishes Stallone luck with Rambo: Last Blood and reminds him of his … “is bigger

Rambo, the character who together with Rocky made Sylvester Stallone one of the most glittering stars in action movies in the 80s, rides again in Last Blood. And the other great star of those years and that cinema, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has taken advantage of this return to send a message of good luck to his colleague … in a humorous way.

The protagonist of Rambo has shared in his social networks several videos about the character with the purpose of celebrating his premiere and promoting the film. Schwarzenegger’s reply to this campaign has been a video in which he jokes with his partner on screen in films such as The Mercenaries and Escape Plan.

In the video in question, the Austrian actor shows a Rambo knife that Stallone has signed for a charity auction and then shows a larger one signed by himself. “Mine is bigger,” Schwarzenegger says with a laugh, displaying a mastodontic machete that used Predator filming.


Although in the past both interpreters were rivals in the professional world, having become during the last years two old glories of the genre has united them to the point of being able to afford these jokes.

Rambo: Last Blood, directed by Adrian Grunberg (Narcos, Sense8), tells how John Rambo leaves his retirement to rescue his granddaughter in one last avenue. Starring Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega, Marco de la O, Sergio Peris-Mencheta and Óscar Jaenada, the film will hit theaters next Friday, September 27.

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