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Spanish chef José Andrés will give meals to those affected by Hurricane ‘Dorian’ in Bahamas and Florida

The Spanish chef José Andrés, based in the United States for years, has announced through his social networks that he is prepared to provide meals to anyone who is affected by Hurricane ‘Dorian’ as he passes through the Bahamas and Florida.

This Sunday, ‘Dorian’ entered the Caribbean archipelago with winds of up to 354 kilometers per hour, making it the second most powerful historical record for the Atlantic. The phenomenon is now expected to move towards Florida, which has already been evacuated, while other states, such as Georgia or the Carolinas, are already preparing for possible floods.

Given this situation, José Andrés has offered his help to the victims. As he explained, he is in the Bahamas, where he recently opened one of his businesses, preparing his “response” to the catastrophe with his team with the aim of giving “meals after Dorian passes” to all those who have been affected because of his fury

This is explained in a video he has shared on his Instagram account in which he says they are in the south of the country and “safe” from the effects of the hurricane. “We also have teams in Florida ready to go if it doesn’t turn north,” explains the Spaniard.

The chef is known in the United States not only for his restaurants but for his activism against the current president of the country, Donald Trump.

In addition to showing his position contrary to the Republican leader in his interviews, José Andrés broke a signed contract to cook in one of Trump’s hotels after he, while still a White House candidate, said Mexican immigrants are “criminals.” and rapists. “

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