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The next update of Windows 10 will introduce the automatic restart of applications when you log in

The next update of Windows 10 will feature several new features, including the automatic restart of applications when you log in, the temperature information of the graphics card in the task manager, and the possibility of zooming in the screenshots .

The Windows Insider program, aimed at those users who want to test Windows updates before its official launch, has published on its website the news that will bring the next update of Windows 10, which will be 20H1, and that will be available at the end of this year.

Among these new features is the option for applications to be automatically reset when they log on to the computer again after switching it off, restarting or logging out of the device, such as Mac. This option will be disabled by default, but it You can activate in settings, in login options.

In addition, the temperature level of the computer graphics card will be displayed in the task manager, although from Windows Insider they warn that at the moment it is only compatible with dedicated GPUs, it is shown in degrees celsius and that it may be necessary to download a driver that Support version 2.4 or higher of the Windows graphic drivers model (WDDM).

It is also introduced as a novelty the use of zoom in screenshots in the application ‘Snip & Sketch’ by pressing the buttons ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’ at the same time or to reduce ‘Ctrl’ and ‘-‘ simultaneously, although it is also get with ‘Crtl’ and reducing or enlarging with the mouse. To return to the original size, click on the zoom button and ‘current size’.

The ‘new’ button has been updated with which you can open several screenshots in the same window, without appearing one window per capture. It can be activated in settings, in ‘multiple windows’, ‘open cutouts in separate windows’.

Another novelty is the improvement in the internal search system that now allows us to understand and self-correct the typographical errors that are made when a certain program is searched in the system, so that if for example you write ‘exce’ instead of ‘excel ‘, do not appear as an error and the correct program is displayed.

In addition, the results will now appear with a ‘related’ option in case the application you were looking for is not displayed.

The update includes improvements in the management of notifications, with the incorporation of an adjustment button in the message itself and a direct link to them at the top of the ‘action center’. In addition, you can remove the sound of notifications on your settings page.

For its part, the Windows assistant, Cortana, will now be faster and more reliable and will include new languages. In addition, it will support both dark mode and light mode.

The calculator introduces as a novelty the option of being able to be in ‘always on top’ mode by which the application can be placed ahead of any other on the screen. This option can be activated in the mode button of the calculator.

You can also change the profile picture used in each account of the different applications and websites visited from settings. To do this, you must go to ‘your account information’, use the options ‘create your photo’ and select a new one for your account.

This new update also allows you to name the different desktops that are being used in the same session. And you can set the speed at which the mouse cursor goes from settings, devices, mouse.

On the other hand, updates to the Windows text editor, Notepad, will now be available directly for download from the store.

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