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Joe Walsh, one of the Tea Party figures, announces that he will compete with Trump for the Republican nomination

Tea Party radio presenter Joe Walsh has announced this Sunday that he will dispute the nomination of the Republican Party to Donald Trump in view of the 2020 presidential elections. Walsh was elected to the House of Representatives in 2010 by Illinois, but was unbanked in the next legislature.

“We have in the White House a guy who is not fit, who is completely unsuitable to be president and I am surprised that no one from the Republican Party has taken a step forward because (…) everyone within the Republican Party believes that it’s inappropriate, everyone. He lies every time he opens his mouth, “he said in an intervention on the ABC network in which he announced his candidacy.

“I introduce myself because he is not fit. Someone must step forward. There must be an alternative. The country is tired of tantrums of this type. It’s like a child,” he riveted in response to a question about Trump support in the Republican Party.

When Trump began his political career, Walsh was one of his strongest defenders, but for a year he has criticized the president from the right.

In the interview Walsh has apologized for racist and sexist comments posted on Twitter and for his “personal” attacks against former President Barack Obama, to whom he has acknowledged his contribution to current politics.

“I helped create Trump. There’s no doubt about it. Personalistic and ugly policies. I’m sorry and sorry and now we fear a guy in the white house who does it, which is all he does,” he argued.

“You cannot believe a single word of what he says. He is a nutty, erratic and cruel man. He is an intolerant and fanatic, an incompetent. He does not know what he does. He is a narcissist. The only thing that worries him is himself.” He has affirmed.

Walsh, 57, joins Trump and the ultraliberal Bill Weld – governor of Massachusetts between 1991 and 1997 – in the presidential election of the Republican Party. Most commonly, the president in office will be re-elected as a candidate of his party for his second and last term as provided by the Constitution.

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