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Trump accuses Google of participating in electoral fraud in favor of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections

US President Donald Trump has accused Google on Monday of participating in electoral fraud to increase the number of votes favorable to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections, which promoted the millionaire magnate to the White House. The information comes from an ultra-right news portal that usually collects conspiracy theories.

“Wow! The news has just come out! Google manipulated between 2.6 and 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election! It has been published by a Clinton supporter, not a Trump supporter. Google should be sued. My victory was even greater than you think! “Trump has published in his personal account and verified on Twitter.

Trump has repeatedly stated that millions of false votes were included in favor of Clinton, although such accusation has never been proven. This latest news also does not cite reliable sources and only quotes the Judicial Watch group, a right-wing organization that attacks Democrats through unfounded claims and accusations.

Trump imposed himself on Clinton in the 2016 presidential elections despite obtaining more than three million votes less than his rival, Hillary Clinton, and due to the system that includes an intermediate representation polling station. In addition the possible Russian influence – in favor of Trump – is the only thesis with fundamentals that is handled.

A study by the Center for Justice Brennan of the University of New York has concluded that despite Trump’s fraudulent vote accusations, “fraud is very rare: impersonation is almost non-existent and the vast majority of problems linked to complaints fraud is due to unintended errors of voters or officials. “

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